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It's a SpongeBob Christmas! (2012) - DVDRip

Language: English | Genres: Animation , Comedy , Family | Subtitle: None

It's a SpongeBob Christmas! (2012) [DVDRip] - MHOmuveez
It is Christmas in Bikini Bottom and Plankton is angry for committing naughty acts that he is on the naughty list of Santa Claus and would not receive his Christmas wish—the Krabby Patty secret formula. However, he discovered jerktonium, an element that can turn anyone nice into a jerk. Using his discovery, he cook it into fruitcakes he intends to spread around Bikini Bottom. To test it, Plankton gives the fruit cake to SpongeBob, but he is immune to jerktonium because of a combination of his tiny brain and his big heart. Upset that his plan seemingly failed, Plankton gives his fruitcake dispenser to SpongeBob, who promptly distributes the fruitcakes to all of Bikini Bottom and turns all the residents into jerks. Plankton realizes that SpongeBob is full of Christmas spirit that he is immune to jerktonium, so Plankton sends out an evil wind-up robot SpongeBob to commit naughty deeds to frame the real SpongeBob.

The next day, SpongeBob begins to notice that everyone is acting like jerks. SpongeBob and Sandy discover the antidote for jerktonium and it happens to be a song. SpongeBob begins singing, bringing back the residents' Christmas spirit. Unfortunately, it is too late when Santa Claus arrives and states that everyone is on his naughty list, except Plankton, who is the only nice person there is. Santa then gives Plankton his wish and tells SpongeBob that he is the worst of them all for wrecking havoc in Bikini Bottom. The robot comes to eliminate Santa and destroy more of Christmas. SpongeBob fights and destroys the robot with the fruitcake dispenser. Santa thanks SpongeBob for saving him and realizes that Plankton was behind the chaos. Santa then leaves Bikini Bottom.
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